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Raising Minimum Wage

Senator Johnson believes every hard working South Carolinian deserves a fair and decent wage. As the cost of living has skyrocketed, the Federal Minimum Wage has been stalled at $7.25 for over a decade— and South Carolina is just one of 5 states in the country that hasn’t set their own minimum wage. This is unacceptable. It’s time to set and secure a wage in South Carolina that will guarantee every worker in our state is able to provide for themselves and their families. Senator Johnson is fighting for progress in the State Senate by pushing for a minimum wage that will make South Carolina competitive with the rest of the South East, and secure a better future for our workers.

Expanding Access to Healthcare

Hospitals are closing, prescription drugs are more expensive than ever, and medical bills are sending families into bankruptcy. The current healthcare system is broken— and South Carolinians are paying the price at the pharmacy and doctor’s office. Senator Johnson knows folks are struggling, and is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. Allowing more people to access Medicaid programs will relieve the burden of expensive medical care for thousands, protecting rural hospitals and emergency centers will ensure nobody has to drive an hour away just to see a doctor, and working to lower drug costs will protect South Carolinians from having to make sacrifices just to be able to take their medicine. Senator Johnson has been a leading voice on innovative policies that would make our state happier and healthier.

Rural Public Schools

As our state grapples with how to fix our broken k-12 education system, Senator Johnson remains a tireless advocate for our rural public schools. When tough decisions are being made about funding, class sizes, and distributing resources, schools in our rural counties can’t afford to be overlooked. Senator Johnson has been a champion for small school districts and will continue to be as education takes center stage in the upcoming legislative session. Every school in South Carolina should be safe, modern, well-funded, and staffed by fairly paid teachers. An overhaul of our state’s education system is going to require a look at everything from the curriculum we teach students to the way they travel to school in the morning, and Senator Johnson refuses to let anyone slip through the cracks because of their zip code. Every child deserves a high quality education— no matter what corner of the state they live in.

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